About Us

What We Do

  • We Co-create libraries in collaboration with stake-holders and beneficiary communities in Ghana
  • We Facilitate training programs, and empowerment projects to build community economic capacity.
  • We Support Teacher Capacity promotion through workshops, seminars, and material resources
  • Support and facilitate Girl Empowerment programs
  • We Coordinate various international visitors (Group & Individual) programs to promote cultural diversity, and education
  • We Provide international (global) and local (Ghanaian) internship & placement opportunities for college and university student

Our Mission

Links Across Borders fosters global citizenship through partnerships, community driven international development, and cultural education programs. Provide Service Abroad, Cultural Immersion, and real world vacation opportunities for individuals, families, Companies. Create opportunities for people of African descent to Reconnect to ancestry, Reclaim heritage, Remember identity for the development of race esteem, and a grounded sense of Self.

Our Values

Children everywhere deserve education. That's why we have established these values to unite together for the purpose of helping children in Ghana succeed: Community, Collaboration, Transformation, Equity, Communication, Exchange, Education, Broadening Horizons, and Respect.

Links Across Borders: The Back-story

In 2003 I decided to forego Christmas shopping and send money to make a Christmas party for children in the village of Sankore, in Ghana. The photographs from the party and stories about the children moved her to continue to send financial support for tuition and school supplies for several children.

In May 2006 after many years of dreaming about travelling to Africa, I made my first trip and spent four weeks learning and sharing with in various communities in Ghana

2007 I visited Uganda for the first time and by the end of my four week visit, sponsored six children.

2008-2010 I traveled to Ghana, Uganda, Togo, and Benin. The life-changing experiences and learning that I gained visiting these communities shifted my focus from charity to community organizing, and development work. I registered Links Across Borders in 2009 to formalize this work and give others opportunities to participate.

2011 Links Across Borders funded sustainability projects for orphaned children in Uganda. 

2012 Links entered into a formal partnership with community development organization, DIVOG, in Ghana, West Africa.  

2013 The first group of college students and community members travelled with Links to Ghana in May to Reconnect, Reclaim and Remember in cultural immersion, learning tours, and community work. This began the annual international Placement, Alternative vacation, one month learning experience in Ghana, for many individuals, and groups from Canada, USA, and Europe.

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